About Us

A bit about how much we love what we do.

Who we are

At MyAddo, we specialize in helping businesses conduct cross-border trades between manufacturers in USA and Mexico. We understand the unique challenges and complexities of international trade, which is why we've developed a streamlined process to make it easier for you to conduct business across borders. As a trusted partner, we are proud to serve clients across the United States from our base in Oklahoma.

Our Process

  • Consultation: We'll start by listening to your needs and goals to better understand your specific requirements.
  • Proposal: Based on our consultation, we'll create a customized proposal that outlines our recommended services and pricing.
  • Agreement: Once you decide to move forward with our services, we'll provide you with an agreement that outlines the scope of our work, timelines, and any other important details.
  • Implementation: Our team will work closely with you to implement our recommended solutions, which may include assistance with import/export documentation, customs clearance, logistics, and other aspects of cross-border trade.
  • Support: Even after we've completed your project, we'll be here to provide ongoing support and assistance as needed.
  • Our goal is to help you succeed and grow your business, and we'll do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your cross-border operations and achieve your business objectives.

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